Swimming Program at WIM 69

The swimming program in SD Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Billingual School has been implemented since several years ago. Through this program, the students are expected to be able to enhance their swimming skill, build their whole body strength, and reduce the risk of drowning.  This program usually runs twice a year, started from the first grade up to the sixth grade in different day. Continue reading “Swimming Program at WIM 69”

Daebak! For The First, Finally.

Konbanwa Minna san-


I have downloaded six korean songs. After I watched one of the K-Korean films. entitled “Healer”, I have become more interested in Korean. I don’t know why, It’s so hard to believe. I never imagine that I will like Korean Film and Korean Song. Wohoooow… For the first time in my life, finally… Daebak! :’D

I wish I could be in Korea at the moment. >_< Continue reading “Daebak! For The First, Finally.”

My Journey in Teaching

Dear, everyone…

Do you love teaching? If this kind of question comes to you, maybe some of you will directly answer, “Yes, I do. I totally love teaching. I want to be a great teacher” While the rest of you will answer, “Teaching? Oh, no. Absolutely, I don’t. I prefer work in an office rather than being a teacher.” Continue reading “My Journey in Teaching”

Picture Auction Program Persuaded The Parents’ Enthusiasm

The picture auction program is an annual program implemented in SD Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Billingual School. The purposes of this program are enhancing the self confidence of students, showing the students’ activities to the public, and collecting a donation. This program is always waited by the parents every year due to their eagerness to know the activities done by their own kids during at school. Continue reading “Picture Auction Program Persuaded The Parents’ Enthusiasm”